What is The Perfect Present?

The Perfect Present is a light-hearted party game about giving and receiving incredible, wonderful, and funny gifts. This hilarious and insightful party game is about figuring out which of these gifts from your hand another player would most like, and being rewarded when you give the best gift!

How well do you really know your family? Would your best friend like to be able to converse with animals, or prefer to have a luxury hot tub? Do your kids have the heart to cure cancer if it means giving up the chance to be unfathomably wealthy? Does your boyfriend want to own a pro sports team or aspire to run his own restaurant?

The Perfect Present game box and cards

Be surprised to find out the truth when you play The Perfect Present!

What are the gifts like?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of gifts in The Perfect Present... which gift will be your Perfect Present?

It all depends on the sort of person you are, but there is certainly something for everyone... the young and the experienced, the refined and the immature, the sports nut, the animal lover, the philanthropist, the artistic, the adventurous, and even those with their sights set on world domination!

Some gifts are materialistic:

  •  A Lifetime Spa Membership
  •  Your own Bakery
  •  Pearls

Many are aspirational:

  •  Be a Black Belt
  •  Be Fluent in All Languages
  •  Be a Cardiac Surgeon

Others are selfless:

  •  World Peace
  •  Be a Famous Conservationist
  •  Institute a National No-Smoking Law
Some gift cards from The Perfect Present game

There are gifts that are extraordinary:

  •  Time Travel Machine
  •  Quadruple your Reading Speed
  •  Walk through Walls
  •  Speak "Baby"

... And some are absolutely ridiculous:

  •  A Pack of Tiny Dogs
  •  Monkey Hands
  •  Fruitcake

How do you play?

There are over 750 cards in The Perfect Present, every one with a unique gift on it. Each turn, someone gets to receive gifts. The other players pick something from their hands they think the gift receiver will like most, and hand it over, face-down.

The receiver mixes the cards, then turns them over and decides which gift is best! It's an entirely personal decision based on what he or she would most like in real life. The receiver gets to keep that gift in his or her loot pile, a personal collection of cool stuff. The player that offered that card gets rewarded for giving the best gift and gets to pick something for his or her own loot pile from a communal collection of gifts called the Gift Mart.

The first player to reach 7 gifts in his or her loot pile wins! So make sure to give the best gifts!

You'll be laughing in minutes, and you're sure to learn something new and intriguing about everyone at the table when you play The Perfect Present!